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  1. delaverobum
    delaverobum October, 2007

    Great illo I love it, the character are sweet and funny.

  2. Becky Schultea
    Becky Schultea October, 2007

    He definitely has the blues – never seen a critter so bummed out before! I like how you captured that feeling with just ink on your lunch break – nicely done!

  3. delaverobum
    delaverobum October, 2007

    thanks 4 your words!!!! I have been taking a walk by your page and I really love your stile, yor characters and the pencil lines. Kongratulations 4 your work and site. The Moleskine is a great idea!

  4. admin
    admin October, 2007

    Thank you two for your kind words! I love the Moleskine waaaay too much :)

  5. elizabeth
    elizabeth October, 2007

    Great body language here!

  6. tusen
    tusen October, 2007

    he’s a sweetie. Great pose and I really like his shiny nose.

  7. Ellen
    Ellen October, 2007

    I really like this. You did a great job transposing the topic to paper.

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