Social Media and the Self Help Movement

I’ve written an ebook version of my presentation at PodCamp London 2009, Podcasters Across Borders 2009 and PodCamp MontrĂ©al 2009 (update: and PodCamp Toronto 2011) about the benefits of using social media for self help and helping others. I gave it a long name; YOU have the awesome ability to make positive changes to the lives of people all over the world via personal interaction through podcasts (and other social media tools).


  1. Congrats Danny. Will give it a read & post my comments. :)

  2. Stuttering is cool & so is someone who writes such a wonderful book. It’s inspiring to all.

  3. Your eBook is top shelf, Daniele. The message is powerful, authentic and very well presented. It’s a great extension of the presentation I’ve had the privilege to see twice.

    Congratulations and, more importantly, thank you for an incredible resource and for sharing your insight.

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