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Improv Comics launches

Improv Comics launches

A new feature has started here on Improv Comics! Just like regular improv, I take suggestions from the audience for a comic I will draw for a set period of time.

On Friday, August 31, 2007, I was on Twitter thinking of what to say. I was also facing a long weekend (the last for the summer, sniff) with nothing to do so I naturally thought of drawing comics.

However, I had a severe case of artist’s block. So on Twitter, I started typing “Improv comics! Over the weekend I’ll draw a web comic based on your topics and post on Tuesday. Tell me your suggestions…”.

Daryl Cognito (of Atomic Subirbia) replied with his suggestions and for 2 days, I worked on the comic. I had planned to have it posted on Tuesday but I have 1 day left of this long weekend and I didn’t want to spend it in front of the computer :)

You’ll find the first improv comic on my new Improv Comics page which is under SpudToons. Or just click here to view it.

Follow me on Twitter to send me suggestions when I announce my next improv comic.

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  1. Leslie
    Leslie September, 2007

    Awesome, good idea, cool that you worked in all 3 ideas in one.. I’ll try to think of some ideas… ha I said try..

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