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Category: social media

Empowering and Enlightening Communities with Digital Media

I’ll be giving a session once again this year at PodCamp Toronto! Actually, I’ll be co-presenting with my friend and PodCamp Toronto co-organizer and community management team member, Dr. Vibe of The Vibe and Vegas Show. Entitled, “Empowering and Enlightening Communities with Digital Media“, we will be talking about how…

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Reimagining CBC TV

I came across this video today of someone’s suggestion for CBC. In a nutshell: stop broadcasting on TV and move entirely online. While I love this idea and think it’s perfectly the right direction for any television studio or network to go, I can’t help thinking about rural Canada’s under…


The Victorian Internet

I created a four-part series over at my graphic blog teaching a little bit about the similarities of the telegraph and today’s Internet. It’s inspired by the book, The Victorian Internet, and it “takes place” in a fictional version of PodCamp and PAB called, well, TelegraphCamp.

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Angry Birds

No, not those angry birds. For the past four days, a robin has been repeatedly flying into my window. It would return back to a nearby tree and try again. Over and over. For hours. I’ve seen birds do something like this a few times years ago but never to…