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Painting in progress

It’s been a while since my last post so here’s a quickie featuring my latest uplaod to Flickr: a painting I’ll be occupying what’s left of my spare time. Like my Comic in Progress, which I posted last year, I’ll be posting photos of my progress.

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I won! I won!

Remember when I blogged about one of my Paris photos being shortlisted on Schmap? Well, I’m one of the winners! Now go buy those plane tickets and fly to Paris and check out L’Orangerie!

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Blog Action Day

You do realize that animals are running out of places to hide from us “progressive-loving” humans forever clear cutting their homeland. I drew and inked the above artwork in my Moleskine sketchbook last June and thought it would be a great contribution for Blog Action Day. Which reminds me, it’s…

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I am at PAB2007

I am in Kingston and tonight’s the first night of PAB2007. A.K.A. Podcasters Across Borders a.k.a. It’s my first time in Kingston and my hotel (and hotel room) is right on the water’s edge on the shore of the St. Lawrence River. My room is right beside the terrace…

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