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Category: news

Sketchbook Videos

I’ve been sketching in sketchbooks for years now and have them all sitting on a few shelves. No one will able to see any of my sketches unless they came over and flipped through the sketchbooks. Even if someone wanted to, it most likely wouldn’t happen often. Well, thanks home…

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Blog vacation

It’s usually at this time of year you can sense that A LOT of people are on vacation. So, in honour of this and the impending doom called “six months of long, cold, dark winter”, I will be on a vacation from blogging until my triumphant return in the first…

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I’m attending TabLife TO

TabLife TO is a half-day conference organized by Rogers on December 3, 2010. The conference explores the emerging tablets platform and it’s impact on culture, business and traditional media. I’m excited to attend this conference because it looks like the program will touch on areas about tablets that I’m really…

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