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Category: digital strategy

11 G+ Hangout best practices

If you’ve had a chance to read my previous blog post introducing Google+ Hangouts, you’d know I’m a big fan of the free video conferencing feature of Google’s social network, Google+. Enticed to give a Hangout a try? With six months of Hangout participating and host experience with Stutter Social…

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Google Plus Hangouts: the interactive tv they were talking about back in the early 90s

In today’s word of social network overload and media buzz this and media buzz that, Google Plus‘ epically awesome Hangout feature has been further improving itself with new easy-to-use features and productivity tools. Even if you don’t have the need for “yet another” social network (seriously, G+ kicks Facebook any…

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Empowering and Enlightening Communities with Digital Media

I’ll be giving a session once again this year at PodCamp Toronto! Actually, I’ll be co-presenting with my friend and PodCamp Toronto co-organizer and community management team member, Dr. Vibe of The Vibe and Vegas Show. Entitled, “Empowering and Enlightening Communities with Digital Media“, we will be talking about how…

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Reimagining CBC TV

I came across this video today of someone’s suggestion for CBC. In a nutshell: stop broadcasting on TV and move entirely online. While I love this idea and think it’s perfectly the right direction for any television studio or network to go, I can’t help thinking about rural Canada’s under…