Google recently rolled out Communities. It’s like the old forums of the web 1.0 days (interesting how everyone keeps using Facebook Groups as the analogy). So far it looks great and not intrusive. You decide if you want to be notified of new posts. While all member posts can be seen in the community’s news feed, the posts can be categorized – perfect for searching. Of course, it’s up to whoever did the posting to bother categorizing.

It also looks like this is a great way to improve your own SEO. All your posts show up on your G+ news feed. I’m safely assuming this only applies to public groups. It also looks like you have the option to share items to a community however not simultaneously with your circles.

Anyway, there is a lot more for me to check out so I created a digital strategy G+ community. This is to talk about everything that goes into creating content for the digital world including content marketing, audio, video, design, user experience and risk management.

I’m hoping to avoid the type of posts that talk about every little thing that happens in social media. There’s way too much of that going on and it only creates an infomration overload based on opinion and speculation. My goal with this digital strategy G+ community is to share practical information which other members can apply in their own work.

Please consider joining and participating if you have a G+ account.