Click here for steps 1 and 2.

I have my design (for codified and made sure the css displays properly, now it’s time to wordpressify it. However, before I begin, I probably should have verified that the css passes validation. Just sayin’.

Anyhoo, since I’m building my own unique and bootiful WordPress theme for the first time, phase 3 should be: read the docs on

Actually, I was doing that even before but now that I’m ready to start implementing, it’s vital that I know everything. After all, how would I be able to build the site?

Knowledge is power

Unfortunately, is a confusing site to navigate but it’s well worth your time. The content is golden. Take the time necessary and read all it’s recommended links. I tend to go directly to the support forums to look for plug and play scripts (time constraints again) which ends up being a dead end most of the time. Now that I’ve taken the time to read the docs (during lunch, on the train, etc.), I’m seeing the light.

It’s hard to say where to begin reading on because I think it depends on your comfort level with php programming. I started with The Loop because back when I was trying to get up, my friend @imnico recommended that I read up on The Loop.

I now realize why. The Loop is foundational to WordPress theme building. Without knowledge of The Loop (I love capitalizing it), you can’t wordpressify your site (I also like saying ‘wordpressify’). Then take a look at the recommended links on that page for examples of the versatility and plain-English interpretations of The Loop.

Phase 4 is to WordPressify your site (adding in The Loop, etc.). First plug in The Loop, the sidebar, etc., make sure all is working then tweak to your desire. During the tweaking is where I’ll be trying out what I learn from reading the docs. My theme has a lot of uniqueness to it so basically I’m learning the fundamentals.