Oh the horrors. I’ve worked so hard on my 4th episode of my St-St-Stuttering is C-C-Cool comic only to have it fall to pieces once I started inking it.

It started with the markers

I wanted the colour of the lettering to be the same as the panel borders. I had gone to the art shop to buy thin markers and upon my return home, to my horrors, it was too late. I had already started inking with the wrong shade of brown. No undo. And I didn’t have the energy to redraw the whole thing all over again. I know in the pre-computer days, cartoonists would go over with white-out. I didn’t even think of it (and was too frazzled anyway).

Then I couldn’t draw the woman

I have a hard time drawing women. I just need to practice but what an embarrassment. I admit I am rushing this comic a bit and didn’t realize how much work it’s going to take. Really, I had planned to have my book done by December. However, with my full time job and such, that’s a short deadline. I’m also doing character design as I go along. I’ve drawn myself into a corner.

Colouring wasn’t working either

I tried to be stylish and I ain’t quitting my day job just yet.

Then I forgot to stutter

After I finished inking everything I realized I forgot to write out Franky Banky’s stutter! Obviously I’m having a bad day. So I debated with myself if I should post it or redreaw it. I was tired, frustrated and disappointed. I even thought of perhaps going black and white sinbce I’ve always drawn my comics that way. I’m having toruble with the markers and their palette seems limited. Maybe I should do water colours instead?

However, something good did come out of it!

I introduced a new character in this episode. A little boy named Billy. He appears in his own comic within this comic as I show the stuttering experience in elementary school in parallel with Franky Banky’s story. I enjoyed drawing his mini-comic as I drew it in a retro style with a number F8 pencil! Unfortunately, the wording came out small but it’s a learning process.

So my apologies for being bold in posting art work I am not too fond of. I felt that posting it would be therapeutic and a lesson learned. Send in your comments and I’d like to hear about your similar experiences with art-gone-wrong.