Twitter is officially mainstream now that all the celebrities (well, their marketing team I’m sure) are using it and something about Ashton Kutcher challenging CNN on who gets the most followers?

Um… I’m sure there’s loads of engagement for both no matter who wins.

I admit, I am irritated to see the power of Twitter reduced to brochure websites of the 1990s. Maybe engagement isn’t the goal to celebrities and news agencies. After all, they seem to care only about number of fans or eyeballs/circulation/subscriptions.

Mind you, I haven’t checked out Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter stream, nor CNN’s. I should since I’m blogging about it but right now I’m just venting ;)

Social media pet peeve and pet project

Like I said, Twitter is being misunderstood. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Since I can choose who I follow on Twitter, I can block out the fluff I don’t want to see (ex: I’m just not into celebrities). If half the country uses Twitter like they do the Facebook status, then I’ll never really see it.

It’s just that I’ll have to hear about it in mainstream media.

I’ll ponder and blog more about this and the unintended uses of various social media tools (Facebook = sharing photos) in the future. It’s interesting even when the consequences irritate me ;)

In the meantime, what do you think? Twitter as 1990s brochure sites and good thing? Let’s just be thankful we can’t put any dancing hamsters yet.