In my taxi from Charles De Gaulle Airport on my way to my hotel, I saw the most unexpected thing: we were driving through a tunnel that was also a runway on top!

I drew the above quick sketch that night in my hotel room (which is why isn’t very good) but I am afraid I didn’t capture the reason why I found the scene amusing.

Aside from the fact that an airplane was overhead, the airplane was one of those short, fat ones. Kind of like a cartoon in a way. It was just putt-putting along minding its own business as traffic was flowing underneath.

A few nights later, my and my friends were in a cafe and not being used to cigarette smoke since none of us smoke, the air was pretty choking (one of my friends noted that the tobacco they use is different).  But that didn’t prevent me from wanting to smoke like the parisiens! I know it is strange, but it is probably the same phenomenon as “When in Rome, do as the romans do”. I’m more of a cigar and cigarello man myself but I decided it was best to spend my money on clothes and CDs.

And boy did I ever! When I got back, the customs agent didn’t beleive I spent that much money in only a week. I replied, “I went nuts on Champs-Elysées”.