Episode number 3, Ordering Ordeal, of my St-St-Stuttering Is C-C-Cool comic is up. The story is modelled after my experiences of stuttering my mochaccino orders. Sometimes I’d get weird looks from the baristas and other times I don’t. It all depends on their personalities I guess.

The ending is accurate of how I feel whenever I don’t quite succeed in saying my order without stuttering. 90% of the time, I don’t care. However, ‘mochaccino’ is a word I stutter on with each syllable. And I really, really want to order one. I refuse to order anything else because of my speech.

There’s no way I’d ever pass up chocolate!

I wasn’t too pleased with the way the lettering came out with the markers I’m using (Faber-Castell). So I went to the art store to get even thinner ones (my carbon footprint’s getting bigger).

After I inked it all, to my dismay, the markers I’m using rub off with the eraser as I erase the pencil marks :/

One thing I really hate is after spending all that time doing all that work,you run the risk of ruining the entire thing. Like how the paper got crunched up at the top left corner. Ber very, very careful when erasing!

I took another trip to the art store and to my dismay, the markers I’m using come with a VERY limited palette. WTF?! So it looks like I’m going to have to be creative even in the tool department. I need both thin and thick nibs. But the best markers I found (Promarkers) were too thick for my comics. I don’t want to draw too large because then scanning will be a pain. I’d hate to have to scan in pieces and then spend hours trying to puzzle them back together perfectly.

Creativity and motivation plummets as technology gets in the way.