A little late in posting this but I’ve been exclusively blogging about Medieval Spud over the last 12 days.

On to the show

During that time, I had uploaded a new episode of SpudCast where I talk about my stuttering.

…And why, pray tell, have I ever thought of getting into podcasting!

A few days after it went live, it was like the stuttering Universe exponentially expanded (coincidentally of course). More stuttering groups on Facebook seemed to have been created and I was contacted by Peter of Stutter Talk; a whole podcast dedicated to stuttering.

It’s a great show and since I’ve never met another stutterer in my life, it was quite the experience hearing 3 people talk about the same things I’ve exclusively encountered all my life! Stutter Talk is hosted by 3 people, 2 of which are speech therapists. They really know their stuff. I highly recommend this podcast if you wanted to know anything about stuttering but was afraid to ask.

And yes, some women do find stuttering sexy!

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