The Year of Creativity continues with me talking about a fantastic document entitled, How to be Creative by Hugh MacLeod. I can’t recommend this enough. If you’re itching to get creative and possibly make a living out of it, this manifesto is GOLDEN.

On this episode of SpudCast, I talk about the items which made a great influence on me. I know it will do the same for you, too! Click this beautiful link for links and credits.

Recording this took a good 2 months. I wanted toprovide a summary but there was so much useful information, it was hard to pick and choose what to talk about. For the sake of you, my dear listeners, I decided it would best that I only touch upon the advice which stood out for me.

Plus, it makes my podcast shorter ;)

As I was re-recording this for the 4th time a few weeks ago, I noticed that Hugh has been currently blogging about his manifesto. It also looks like he’s adding new bits of advice. Check it out!