Now that Facebook has pretty much become MySpace (no thanks to Super Wall), I keep getting friend requests from people I don’t know. While trying to keep the social in “social media”, I always first reply with a message before accepting or denying.

Hi there! Thanks for the friend request however, I don’t recognize your name. Do I know you?

Or something to that effect. I keep it approachable, friendly and try not to sound standoff-ish. Howevcer, most times, I don’t get a reply.

Same on Twitter

Feel free to follow me if you don’t know me but also also talk to me. Keep the social in social media. I’m also guilty of following strangers (that makes me sound like a creepy stalker) but good things happen when strangers reply to each other’s tweets. Their respective tweets suddenly become something you don’t mind reading.

I’m wondering as social media becomes more common place, it becomes less social. Maybe we’re still in the honeymoon phase. What do you think? Perhaps we’re just getting used to the idea of less privacy?