My slides are almost ready. I just need to do some more details such as choosing a more yellowish yellow and making the white text more legible against the light blue area in the background. Other than that, I’m ready to do my presentation at PodCamp London this Saturday coming up.

I used a very minimal design. I don’t like powerpoints very much and last thing I wanted to do was make a powerpoint. So, I only have 9 slides and text is at a bare minimum (except for the title page above).

I used Google Docs to create the ppt. Originally, I had planned to get Keynote but seeing as how the iWork demo wouldn’t install on my G4, I figured it would be safe to save my money for when I buy a new Mac once Snow Leopard comes out (or perhaps my ultimate dream: Mac tablet?). Anyhoo, Google Docs did the job.

I created my slides in Photoshop then exported each one as a png followed by inserting into Google Docs. I’d like to share my presentation however, by themselves, without my narration, they won’t provide anything. My session at PodCamp London will be recorded so maybe I’ll place that audio over the slides then share.