I’m excited to announce that I will be leading the PodCamp Toronto Community Management Team this year! That’s my team in the photo above (I’m on the right).

This will be the first time that PodCamp Toronto will have a dedicated team for community management. Being a grassroots event, a co-organizer would always jump in to answer a question or two on the Twitter feed or Facebook page. However, as PodCamp Toronto grew, well, more questions came in and the need to communicate increased!

My first time leading a team

What is my leadership style? I like to ensure that all team members feel they are included in the creative process and that they can take ownership of their projects and shine. I know I’m a natural for setting up an environment where all ideas and suggestions matter. Especially since we will be working with digital media where ideas can sound strange at first but end up proving themselves as being the best thing ever.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for PodCamp Toronto’s digital strategy and after the community management team’s first brainstorming session recently, I know this is going to be an awesome experience! Meet my teammates over on the PCTO2012 blog at Introducing the PCTO2012 Community Management Team!.