Improv Comic #2 is up and it’s called Willomina’s Home Project #2.

I’ve asked for a food item and a mode of transportation. I’ve chosen Nutella and unicorn.

It was a little unnerving drawing this comic because at the time, I was really, really tired from work. I’ve had a hard 2 weeks and I was so tired that my hand was shaking. I wasn’t able to co-ordinate between my hand and my eyes! So it took a while for me to complete it.

I sketched out the comic with a 2B pencil then drew over it with an 8B. I love the thick pencil strokes of an 8B pencil. It’s messy, of course, but it was love at first sight.

Once again, I delve into the topic of men vs. women in relationships. I hope I didn’t offend anybody with the contents but you have to admit, it is true in a way ;)

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