Yes, I am building an army! An army of Peacekeepers to be exact. More like covert vigilantes. Did you know that the world is run by idiots who make more money than they know what to do with responsibly and cause so much nastiness in the world like sweat shops, fixed elections and illegal wars. I could go on.

You can see the first of my peacekeepers on His name is Razer and he’s the leader, the brains behind the whole thing (you can read his bio here). Of course, the head always has to go first. Even if it is peacekeeping. Plus, I also haven’t finished working on the rest of the team. They will be posted to Mojizu as they are completed.

The scan above contains a bit of my initial sketches of him. His fully rendered final product is on the Mojizu site.

What is Mojizu? Think of it as a social media site for character designers professional and amateur alike. Except you get to pit your characters, or mojis as they are called on the website, head to head in a battle. You can also vote on your favs. Winners get their mojizu on a t-shirt and share in the profits.

What do you think of Razer’s design?