Back from Paris and what a beautiful city! I was in a day dream the entire time. There is so much to see (and eat. Oh how I love the cheese!). Miraculously, I managed to find some time to pull my eyes away from Paris, its sights and stunning women and do some drawing.


One thing which surprised me was seeing everyone carrying baguettes. I drew a scene with some of my carton characters walking around Paris carrying baguettes and Franky Banky just dawning on the fact that everyone in Paris carries baguettes.

I didn’t bring any pencils with me on my trip as I thought they were banned from airplanes. So it was a challenge for me to draw exclusively in ink. This was a quick sketch done in my hotel room at night after yet another day of sight seeing with my friends.

Speaking of which, another reason for my trip to Paris was meeting for the first time, my penpal from Indonesia. We first met through the mail when we were 15 (many, many moons ago). Of course, we moved onto e-mail and now we chat on IM.

I will write more about meeting up with my penpal in a future post. Along with more of my sketches.

For now I leave by saying that I agree with the Parisiens; baguettes are delicious and really light. No wonder French women are thin!