I’ve had this site in my bookmarks for a long while and thought it’s about time I blogged about it. Kevin Cornell and his buddy, Kim, invented this cool collaborative drawing game. Oh, I made that sound so dry and scientific. They gave it a cooler name, “The Doodle Association Game”.

The gist of it is a person draws something, then the other person draws something beside based on the previous drawing. So, say I start with a ball. You would draw a wheel beside it. Then I draw, a flower. You can what I mean from the scan below:

My short doodle association game

I played this game on a napkin in a cafe with my Japanese friend, Ai. As you can see, I started with a cat (well, one of my cartoon characters by the name of the Sodium Bicarbonates but that’s another story). However, my friend misunderstood the game a bit and added a knife in the hand of the cat. Ok, a little unexpected and, well, creepy, but the game continued on in true rated PG fashion. Though it was a short game.