I came across this post on design thinking using post-it notes on a whiteboard instead of sketching on paper. The gist of it is the advantage of being able to move post-it notes from one area of the white board to another. Whereas sketching on paper requires a lot of erasing and redrawing.

I’ve been mocking up wireframes and designs for a few websites on paper and agree that crossing out and erasing and redrawing can get frustrating as my brain runs wild with good ideas to try.

While I agree that using post-it notes and a whiteboard is en effective time saver, an advantage of multiple redrawing creates… wait for it… multiple undos! Of course, you can also take photos like the author of the business model post did. Though a quick scan on pieces of paper is, well, a lot quicker.

This post isn’t a whiteboard vs. paper argument. Just me sharing another way to brainstorm. Speaking of which, here’s an interesting item I found on the Swiss Miss blog. Magnetic wireframing!