Content and social strategy projects have certainly kept me busy the last few months since my last blog post. Thought I’d begin revitalizing my blog by introducing some of the projects I’ve been working on:

1. I’m writing a self-help book about living with stuttering confidently and with humour. It will also be a comic book. I uploaded progress photos on my Instagram and Facebook accounts but compiled them on my Google+ profile for your convenience.

2. Helping my father publish his book about how emigration to North and South America from the 1800s to early 1900s helped both his home town in Italy and America. Including a little help from our post-modern era Internet.

3. Working with the vendor at my day job in rolling out a new website for the hospital where I work at. This includes devising the information architecture, collaborating with colleagues in assessing content needs and presentation and a bit of intranet work.

4. Getting my illustration side business off the ground. This has been moving rather slowly at the moment but I hope to jump start this after completing item #1 above.

5. Strength training in the gym. I know this doesn’t seem to relate much to my professional life, but staying healthy and strong does keep your energy levels up. Very important when you’re overseeing multiple projects and encountering inevitable failures (and benefitting from learning from them).

And maintaining the always evolving social strategy for Stutter Social, Stuttering is Cool and Brovisor.

Sheesh, I’m never bored am I?