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Finally released to the world

Yes, I’m talking about the latest St-St-Stuttering is C-C-Cool comic in glorious black and white. It’s a gag I had thought up for years for my other character, Spud, and now was a great time to use it. I don’t quite remember what lead me to come up with the absurd concept of renting a cute puppy in order to meet women but I like it. Of course, don’t try it at home. It’s really only appropriate for the comic pages. After all, see what happened to Bilodo?

I had a lot of fun drawing this comic. First of all, it’s the longest one yet so the act of story telling was enjoyable. I really like the “Little Billy” addition at the end. I haven’t had this ending planned all those years ago (no was Little Billy even invented back then) so things seemed to have fit perfectly.

Unfortuantely, I’m going to have to learn how to write dialogue for the web. I really don’t want to resort to digital text because I like the pencil look. All of this is a learning process. Maybe if I widened the wireframe for the upcoming website redesign but that’s another story…