Hi my name is Daniele Rossi.

(But you can call me Dan)

I create meaningful digital experiences and engaging content. I’ve built online communities, managed corporate websites, led migrations, produced podcasts, interactive comic books, and published books. My professional history is available on my LinkedIn profile.

In the meantime, welcome to my proof-of-concept website

Showcasing ideas I dream up and try out. My latest project is responsive and accessible comics – draw once, display across different screens and platforms.



Comics: The Saga of Spud’s Ux Misadventures

To be continued…

What fate awaits Spud as he tries to browse the web in the dark?

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More Spud!

More Spud adventures in digital culture at superspud.com!

More projects!

The backstory and demonstration of a comic book web app proof-of-concept I created in 2012. 

Writing up my next case study. This one will focus on the proof-of-concepts I worked on at RBC.