I attended CaseCamp Toronto 6 and one of the presentations was about Levis’ “What’s Your Style” campaign.

Long story short: glorified model search for Levis ads at various youth festivals; on-site RV change room to try on Levis clothes; take photo; get vote ID; tell your friends to vote for you so you can win and become the Levis model; photo of you with vote ID saying ‘vote for me’ are downloadable to mobile phones; they can also be forwarded; great success; lots of contestants; high stats; everyone’s happy.

What intrigued me was the fact that some contestants continued the campaign after the festivals. On their own initiative. Levis didn’t tell them to do it (which was a good thing). Contestants made their own Facebook groups and MySpace pages hoping to get votes. One contestant put her photo and vote ID on a t-shirt and wore it around the festival.

So keep this in mind if you have elements of voting in your campaigns. Say you have 50 contestants and 5 of them creates a Facebook group with about 200 members each. You’re reaching an extra 1000 without having to ask.

Students are pretty resourceful as ever.