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Tag: illustration

Just One More Book!

I was interviewed on the fantastic Just One More Book! podcast about my submission for their Love of Reading Gallery. I explain the story and thinking behind my submission, Now This One, talk about my preference for drawing with pencil and paper vs. on a battery-sucking iPhone and my appreciation…

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Black and White comics

The 6th St-St-Stuttering is C-C-Cool comic returns my online venture back to black and white comics (explanation). My preferred medium. And oh how great it is for an artist to work in his (or her) domain! I won’t abandon colour. I’ll save that for oil pastels and maybe watercolour. In…

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Dry Marker Art

Here’s an interesting cool site: Dry Marker Art! I remember back in the late 90s, me and a co-worker collaborated on a cool snowboarder cartoon drawing. I wish I took a photo of it.

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Old Book Illustrations

One of my inspirations for art comes from seeing what other artists have done and trying my hand at experimenting with their style. It’s a great way of learning something new and also inventing/evolving a new style of your own. And inspiring other artists afterwards! Old Book Illustrations is a…

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Another painting finished

I’ve uploaded the final set of progress photos of the paintings I’m working on. You’ll see them on my Flickr set called Paintings in Progress. The reddish one is complete (the one in the photo above). The blueish one will take a while. Check out the photos to see why.

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I am building an army

Yes, I am building an army! An army of Peacekeepers to be exact. More like covert vigilantes. Did you know that the world is run by idiots who make more money than they know what to do with responsibly and cause so much nastiness in the world like sweat shops,…

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