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Cause marketing campaign earning an organic reach of 17,000 on Facebook

In 2007, I launched the Stuttering is Cool audio podcast and built a community forming relations with influencers and ambassadors since then. Today, my audience has grown to listeners in over 50 countries giving my website a monthly average of 5000 downloads. In 2013, I authored and illustrated a companion comic book which I successfully generated sales through content marketing and paid advertising campaigns across social networks. Photo-Nov-20,-9-39-44-AM One of which was a hashtag campaign that garnered an organic reach of over 17,000 people on Facebook through shares! My goal was to encourage people who stutter to look at Friday The 13th as a good day to experience the benefits of not letting their speech get in the way of their lives. In order to get noticed in the noisy environment of social media, I created a promotional ad in the style of an infographic explaining the concept and with a suggested list of speaking situations. The ad was shared across social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. My campaign earned an organic reach of over 17,000 people on Facebook but most importantly, I also gained new audience insight from the stories they shared about the challenges they undertook that day. I also learned that my infographic was often printed out and used in speaking situations. I sold a number of copies of my book, too. The infographic I made for Stuttering is Cool Day More about my work with Stuttering is Cool