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Category: illustration

Comics for therapy and outreach

As a truly immersive medium, comics are a great way to engage and touch lives. I’ve recently came across a beautiful digital comic called Cancer Owl created by Matthew Mewhorter who is currently undergoing cancer treatments. Matthew turned to drawing comics about his treatments as a way to cope and share with others who are also going through…

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Flame War

Are you an Apple fanboy? An Android fanboy? Does it even matter? We sure tend to get quite passionate in the tools and brands that we use. While there can be plenty of reasons to argue about which device is better but… why bother? Looking at it from the big…

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We need to fight for our privacy as digital tools become more useful, practical and ubiquitous while shareholders continue to seek profits. Which side does the fighter in this painting represent? The concerned end user or the social networks trying to change our comfort level? One of 9 paintings in…

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Like a new baby in the family, digital technology keeps on disrupting everything in life and society. Some of it is good like the sound of a baby giggling. And some of the disruption is not so good like stinky diapers, no sleep and minivans. As with the arrival of…

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The unfinished feel of this painting represents my frustration with trying to get my work done while ISPs continue their throttling and traffic shaping practices. And I have a hard time believing that it’s a cost issue on their part. I’m not stealing movies or sharing thousands of copyrighted music…

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I love social media and took to it like a fish to water. Along with its many nice benefits, there are a number of not-so-nice side affects. Now whenever I work on my art, I am constantly distracted by the urge to stop and share a photo of my work…

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