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Category: digital strategy

3 ways how context gauges social media campaign success

There is no set formula for determining the success of a social media campaign. Something along the lines of “if you get over X number of retweets or reach on Facebook, then you were successful” doesn’t apply to the social media campaigns because each has its own unique goals (you are thinking about the goals first, right?)…

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Oh the benefits of failure!

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend TAHSN Education Day 2013 with my day job team a few weeks ago. The annual conference is a collaboration among communications departments of teaching hospitals (which is what the TAHSN refers to: Toronto Academic Health Science Network). Held at Sunnybrook Hospital, this year’s…

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I’ll be talking community building on 49Pixels Live

I’ll be on 49Pixels Live with my friend, Dr. Vibe, next week. Hosted by digital media and entrepreneur aficionados, Justin Kozuch and Lindsay Munro, 49Pixels Live is a weekly podcast about technology, digital marketing and entrepreneurship with guests who are industry experts, thought leaders and influential voices in digital media.…

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Hangouts are now on the air!

I’m really excited about the roll out of Hangouts On Air to everyone. Branded pages, too. With this option enabled, you can broadcast your G+ Hangout on YouTube and archive for later viewing. Of course, you’re able to also broadcast from your G+ stream and use embeddable code to broadcast…

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