About me

With my translator, Geneviève Lamoureux, at the Montréal launch of the french version of my book. Photo courtesy of Association Bégaiement Communication.

My interview on CBC The National.

With Laura Di Battista when she interviewed me on her CBC Radio’s Here and Now.

Two-thirds of a page in The Globe and Mail! All about the formation and impact of Stutter Social.

One of many cartooning workshops I led for kids. Photo by Melanie Rogers.

One of my presentations at digital media conferences. Photo by Mark Blevis.

I love creating digital experiences and engaging content.

Who am I

I’ve been immersed in the digital life since dial-up was all the rage. I’m that guy who signs up for every new social media tool so I can test all the ways they can be used to tell stories in new and engaging ways. Being actively involved in the digital community and through regular coursework at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Education, I’ve kept right up to date on the changing lineup of digital tools and strategies now central to every business, large and small.

The work I do

I create and manage digital and social media presences for organizations while optimizing digital accessibility, inclusive design, and user experience. I collaborate with various business teams to tailor social engagement and content strategies based on business goals and audience needs. Adobe Creative Suite is part of my go-to toolbox. I have been using Photoshop since version 2.5.

My entrepreneurial side

I’m also a published author and cartoonist with a successful podcast called Stuttering is Cool with 5,000 monthly downloads from listeners in over 50 countries. As a digital brand builder I connect with my audience through storytelling, and “edutain” and engage through comics and infographics for the marketing of my book of the same name. One of my content marketing campaigns reached over 17,000 people on Facebook. Organically.

My book of the same name is currently in its sixth printing, has been translated into French, and is used as a textbook or required reading in 10 universities across North America.

In 2011, I was asked to co-found Stutter Social, an online community connecting people who stutter around the world using Google Hangouts and have been featured in The Globe and Mail, Teen Vogue, Here and Now, and Metro Morning on CBC Radio and on the Google intranet.

I lead the strategic planning for increasing brand awareness globally resulting in continued growth in regular participants.

More about career and digital expertise available on my LinkedIn profile.

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