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Fully living the digital life since dial up was all the rage


Hi, I’m Daniele Rossi and I am a digital storyteller. I leverage digital tools such as audio, video, photography, graphic design and social media to transform ideas into compelling stories and brands.

Based in Toronto, I live and breathe digital media. I have more than 17 years of experience. During that time, I produced a variety of audio, video and written content and worked with brands such as RBC, YTV and Ford of Canada, where I managed intranet, designed websites, and interactive polls.

In addition to storytelling and content creation, I also use digital media to build and maintain communities, and actively engaging in dialogue. I launched my audio podcast and book, Stuttering is Cool and co-founded Stutter Social, an online support group that uses Google+ Hangouts to connect people who stutter worldwide with regular participants from over 50 countries and gained local and national media attention including being featured on the Google intranet.

I also enjoy researching and experimenting with new technologies, and keep myself updated on emerging trends in the digital universe. I’m active in the digital media community and served as co-organizer and led the first community management team lead for PodCamp Toronto, Canada‚Äôs largest free social media conferences.

Photo of Daniele Rossi recording in the CBC Radio studios

That time when I recorded an opening segment for the CBC!