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Month: June 2008

Look inside children’s books

Need illustration inspiration? Have a peek over on this site showcasing children’s books. You can flip through every page! I like The Cat Came Back .

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Social media street cred

Joseph Thornley recently blogged his opinion on the importance of a PR agency actually creating social media (blogs, podcasts, etc.) before they can advise their clients on what to do. In other words, street cred. “Social media authorship is the entry fee for social media credibility ”, Joe writes. I’m…

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Twitter survived WWDC

My good friend and fellow podcaster, Daryl Cognito, tweeted recently: hey wait, big congrats to twitter for surviving the key note. Good point! We only moan and groan when Twitter (*cought* repeatedly *cough*) goes down. Kudos!

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Experience-based design

I began reading Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton, and so far, after 40+ pages, I’m enjoying it immensley and learning a lot. It’s about the importance of designing something (a product, website, building, team, whatever) "in the wild" instead of in a laboratory with "idealized and unrealistic assumptions" (My…

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