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Month: October 2007

New webhost

I’ve moved webhosts last night and all seems to be working fine. Except the contact form. For now I have i simply pointing to my gmail address.  Once that’s back to normal, I can get started on my new Improv Comics site which I plan on completing for next weekend.…

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Blog Action Day

You do realize that animals are running out of places to hide from us “progressive-loving” humans forever clear cutting their homeland. I drew and inked the above artwork in my Moleskine sketchbook last June and thought it would be a great contribution for Blog Action Day. Which reminds me, it’s…

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The Blues for Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday‘s topic for this week is “The Blues” so the above illustration is my submission for that topic. Created in ink pen during lunch at work. update: My favourites are submissions from Bolila, ninaseven, Mary Beth and Delaverobum. [tags]illustration Friday, illustration, cartooning, animals[/tags]