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Month: May 2007

MESH Conference 2007

I am attending the MESH Conference 2007 today and tomorrow here in Toronto. Met a lot of people and made some contacts. Including one potential cartooning contact!  All panels today seemed to fall under a few common themes: philanthropy on the web, is it the end of the newspaper? and what the…

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Stuck at the climax

While I am still in denial that my vacation in Paris is over, I am back to work on my comic book. Except progress has stalled as I am stuck on the events of the climax. I need this to be a hilarious climax that ties together all that happens…

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The Freedom Writers

Pardon the pink. It is the so-called “red” colour in the anime markers I bought in a Japanese book store I found near Place de la Concorde. I drew this after catching a glimpse of a scene in the movie The Freedom Writers which was showed on my flight home…

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Bodybuilding in Paris

Most tourists bring along their huge cameras, flashy hawaiian shirts, and collect tacky souvenirs. Most tourists travellers spent most of their money on buying clothes (like I did) and jewelery. I hunted for French bodybuilding magazines and shops. French magazines because I wanted a fun way to practice and improve…

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Paris SketchCrawl

I managed to squeeze in a sketchcrawl while I was in Paris. I met up with a fellow crawler who was also in Paris for the first time. First we went to L’Orangerie which is an art gallery featuring Monet’s panoramic paintings of water lilies. Yes, panoramic. After, we sat…

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